10th M&E Week

The Kenya National M&E week @10: Celebrating Progress, Consolidating Gains and Exploring New Opportunities for M&E in the Public Sector

4th April –8th April 2022

Conference Objectives

The overall objective of the 10th Kenya National M&E week is to strengthen institutionalization of M&E in the Public Sector to achieve sustainable development outcomes.

Specifically, the Conference seeks to:

  • Take stock of the decade in implementing the NIMES – identify successes, opportunities and areas of strengthening;
  • Provide a platform for the Governments (Regional, National and Counties), development partners and other stakeholders to share knowledge on M&E approaches, practices, lessons and experiences;
  • Share experiences and results of M&E practices in the Public Sector over the last decade;
  • Explore emerging M&E practices and their adoption over time;
  • Enhance understanding on the use and role of M&E in strengthening development outcomes; and
  • Review the use of technology in enhancing efficiency in M&E.

Conference Strands

  1. Harnessing use of evidence to navigate the development agenda 2030;
  2. Adapting Monitoring and Evaluation to changing times;
  3. M&E practice in the Public Sector: Lessons learnt and opportunities for the next decade;
  4. Automating M&E processes;
  5. Institutionalizing Evaluations in the public sector
  6. Strengthening Leadership in Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. M&E for cross-cutting issues (Climate Change, gender etc): Theories, Practice and Results;





Breakout Room 1/ Main Hall 

Topic: New Evaluation Approaches – Outcome Harvesting

Dates: Day 1 (04/04/2022) and Day 2 (05/04/2022)

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Meeting ID: 873 1991 8073
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Breakout Room 2

Topic: New Evaluation Approaches-Outcome Mapping

Dates: Day 1 (04/04/2022) and Day 2 (05/04/2022)

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Meeting ID: 844 4202 1807
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