Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

The Kenya Vision 2030 acknowledges the central role of knowledge in boosting wealth creation, social welfare and international competitiveness. It envisages a knowledge-driven economy where the creation, adaptation and use of knowledge will be one of the critical factors for rapid economic growth and competitive advantage

Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) is a participatory initiative whose main objective is to facilitate the harnessing of knowledge to improve development outcomes in Africa in the social, economic, and cultural spheres. The genesis of KMA draws from the collective desire to harness and share Africa’s rich knowledge for the benefit of Africans. Knowledge Management Africa initiative focuses on linking three key groups of stakeholders, namely: i) Policy makers; ii) Knowledge-generating institutions; and iii) Knowledge users.

KMA held three Biennial Conferences in Johannesburg, South Africa (2005), Nairobi, Kenya (2007) and Dakar, Senegal (2009). Consistent with both the Nairobi and Dakar declarations that countries form national chapters to institutionalize knowledge management, the Government of Kenya through the then Ministry of Planning, inaugurated KMA National Steering Committee (NSC) in June 2009. The Principal Secretary, State Department for Planning is the chair of the National Steering Committee (NSC). The NSC is supported by a Technical Committee and a Secretariat under the leadership of Director, Social and Governance Directorate.

The State Department for Planning is in the process of finalizing the Knowledge Management Policy for Kenya. The policy was prompted by the inadequate supportive policy legal and institutional framework to ensure proper institutionalization and promotion of knowledge management practices at the national and county governments The purpose of the policy is to provide a framework for implementation of knowledge management and promote its principles and practices to foster a knowledge-driven economy for National socio-economic development. The policy will act as an implementation guide to operationalize and institutionalize Knowledge Management practice and principles in Kenya.

Resources on Knowledge Management

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