Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Programmes

Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Programmes

Monitoring is the continuous tracking of progress in the implementation of government policies, programmes and projects through gathering of systematic information on delivery of targeted outputs and other variables of the program.  Whereas evaluation is the systematic, rigorous and independent assessment of policies programmes and projects to determine the extent to which it is achieving the desired objective. Evaluation seeks to determine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact coherence and sustainability.

In Kenya M&E of government programmes and projects is conducted under the auspices of National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES) and County Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (CIMES) framework at the national and county levels respectively. NIMES is firmly embedded in the National Performance Management Framework (NPMF) for public sector reforms, and is therefore a core pillar of government’s Results-Based Management (RBM) system. NIMES tracks implementation of all government development agenda: Kenya Vision 2030 through its Medium-Term Plans; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Big Four Agenda; Post COVID-19 ERS etc.

Some of the key products of NIMES include: Annual Progress Reports on Medium Term Plans; Big Four Agenda Status Reports; Post COVID-19 ERS Reports; Comprehensive Public Expenditure Report; National Evaluation Plans; National Reporting Indicators; Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys; Evaluation guidelines; Norms and Standards for M&E; CIMES guidelines; M&E Curriculum for universities and Result-based M&E Manuals.

To ensure real time reporting at both levels, an electronic National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (e-NIMES) has been developed. The e-NIMES is aims at strengthening and fast tracking the preparation of M&E reports at the National and County level.  Both the e-NIMES/e-CIMES are an electronic version of NIMES where the MTPs/CIDPs together with the various strategic plans and indicators are uploaded and their implementation tracked and various achievements reported through various visuals including traffic lights on a dash board on a real time basis.


For more information visit the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate website

To access the eNIMES platform please visit the eNIMES website

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