E-NIMES Training for MDAs

E-NIMES Training for MDAs

The Electronic National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (E-NIMES) Training for various Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies kicked off in Nakuru today.

The Director in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, Aloyce Ratemo welcomed all the Participants and took them through the objectives of the training. He urged them to take part actively to fully understand how this integrated electronic tracking system works.

The training which is well attended shows the importance in which MDAs employ to Monitoring and Evaluation in Government policies, programmes and projects.

The Principal Economist in the Directorate of Macroeconomic and International Coordination, Jackson Kiprono took the participants through the MTPIV (2023 – 2027), which is about to be finalized and it’s Sector Plans. When finalized, the MTPIV will be inclusive of the pillars of the Kenya Kwanza Administration, Bottom – Up Transformation Agenda which emphasizes on the Value Chain approach.

Earlier on, one of the SDEP Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Dr. Okumu took participants through the Overview of the E-NIMES System, how it functions and the requirements for the logging in and the general usage.

At least over 20 MDAs are represented in this National E-NIMES training exercise.

Some of these MDAs include; the National Treasury, Public health, Cabinet affairs, Cabinet Office, Parliament Affairs, Gender, Crops Development, Foreign Affairs, Sports, Devolution, Roads, Wildlife, Youth Affairs, Public Service, Labour, Blue Economy, Interior Security and National Administration , Economic Planning among others.

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