Economic Planning team meets with the World Bank

Economic Planning team meets with the World Bank

In a consultative meeting that took place at Treasury Building 13/9/2023, the World Bank committed to avail the funding for phase II of the Kenya Statistics Program for Results (KSPforR) under the Eastern Africa Regional Statistics Program for Results (EARSPR).

The objective of this program is to support KNBS to produce harmonized statistics, address the quality and timeliness of dissemination and use of core economic and social statistics.

The meeting that was chaired by the Economic Planning PS James Muhati was told that the funding is a concessional loan amounting to USD 120 million for five years from 2022/23 to 2026/27.

The Program became effective on 4th January 2023 and KNBS has been implementing the activities outlined in the Program. As a requirement in the schedule II of the Financing Agreement, the Government is supposed to set up a Program Steering Committee (PSC) to oversee the progress and effectiveness of the Program.

In attendance were: Dr. Macdonald Obudho, KNBS Director General, and several Directors from Economic Planning.


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