Induction of the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) Board Mombasa, 26th October, 2023

Induction of the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) Board Mombasa, 26th October, 2023

The appointment of Hon. John Olago Aluoch as the new Chairman of the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) Board for the next three years, brings a new lease of life to the fund.

Speaking in Mombasa during the official opening of an Induction Training Workshop on Corporate Governance, the National Treasury and Economic Planning Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u congratulated Hon. Olago Aluoch for being appointed as the Chairman of the NG-CDF Board at such a time when the Fund is enjoying an upward trajectory in resource allocation.

“The Government allocated a total of 53.5 Billion Kenya shillings towards the Fund in the current FY (2023/24), translating to an increment of 21 per cent compared to last FY (2022/23) which stood at 44.3 billion Kenya shillings. The additional budgetary allocation is an appreciation of the good work being realized through the NG-CDF in various constituencies.” Prof. Ndung’u said.

The Cabinet Secretary also applauded the newly appointed Directors; Hon. Janet Teiya and Ms. Masitsa Naomi Shiyonga who now joins the other team of independent Directors serving their second term and the Alternate Directors drawn from Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

In his address, Prof. Ndung’u pointed out that running the NG-CDF is not a walk in the park. The new Board has to work more harder to change the narrative out there of the Fund and steer clear out of politics. There are a number of institutional constraints which the Board members will be required to resolve amicably for the improvement of the operations of the fund management and the prudent utilization of the allocated resources.

The Cabinet Secretary added that the National Treasury and Economic Planning will continue to play the critical role of ensuring that the NG-CDF continues to thrive and endeavors to realize the roles and objectives it was created to serve in uplifting communities and changing lives of those at the bottom of the pyramid. The Board which has career Civil Servants serving as Directors is also expected to navigate around and explore new innovations that can support the Fund to expand to cover a wider scope of development projects in all regions.

Sighting the harsh economic times that the country has faced since the year 2020 such as; the Coronavirus pandemic, drought and other negative effects of climate change which caused devastating economic impact, Prof. Ndung’u outlined the need to create a pathway from where the country’s achievements have emerged from and create a promising pathway for the future through coming up with implementable and practical economic models.

He emphasized that through persistent implementation of the priorities and pillars of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), this Country is set to get out of the abrasions of persistent economic turmoil. He said that stabilizing and sustaining the dynamics of the markets will lead to a stable economic turnaround and eventually national development.

Giving statistics of the achievements attained by the Fund, the CS was categorical that he expects less from the incoming Board. He outlined that NG-CDF has so far constructed many new schools in various constituencies, mostly mixed day secondary ones which contribute to easier and cost-effective access to education for children from poor families, awarded KSh. 69.8 billion bursaries, constructed 26,452 new classrooms, constructed 1,156 new dormitories, funded the construction of 76 new Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Campuses, and Technical Training Institutions, and funded purchase of 1,005 new buses for schools and other education institutions and many others.

In his parting shot, the Cabinet Secretary told the board members that in order to keep the economic vibrancy, everything that we do must have a purpose and to make rational choices, it is important that we conform to adaptive learning from history.

“If you are part of the game, you can never loose, sing your own song but ensure you must have a common chorus.”  Prof. Ndung’u underscored.

On his part, the newly appointed NG-CDF Board Chairman, Hon. Olago Aluoch said the Board will adhere to its outlined legal provisions and responsibilities. He appreciated the goodwill from the Ministry of the National Treasury and Economic Planning. He added that the main focus of the board will be to create wealth and employment at the grassroots and will avoid any attempts aimed at putting sanctions to the Ministry by politicians for disbursement of funds.

Others present included; the Economic Planning Principal Secretary James Muhati, Chairman of the NG-CDF Board, Hon. John Olago Aluoch, Chief Executive Officer of NG-CDF Yusuf Mbuno among others.






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