Kenya to host the 2025 Data For Development Festival, the first of a kind in Africa.

Kenya to host the 2025 Data For Development Festival, the first of a kind in Africa.

The Kenyan Government was announced as the next host of the Data for Development Festival in 2025 as the event that was held in Punta del Este, Uruguay in November 2023 came to an end, where 550 delegates from 93 countries with representatives from 25 African Governments attended and drove the conversation. Kenya was represented by the State Department for Economic Planning, Principal Secretary, Mr. James Muhati who delivered the acceptance speech on behalf of the Government.

In his speech, Mr. Muhati congratulated the Government of Uruguay for successfully hosting the “Festival de Datos” in 2023. He noted that the event holds a special and vital place in the global data community as well as unites partners from around the world to celebrate the boundless potential of data and the indispensable role of data in shaping a sustainable future.

The Principal Secretary expressed immense gratitude to the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) and the selection committee for trusting the Government of Kenya with this substantial event that will be one of a kind since it will be the first-ever data festival to be held on the African Continent. This announcement demonstrates Kenya’s leadership on data, tech and AI, including its deep understanding on the pivotal role of data-driven decision-making in advancing both our national and international development goals, hence becoming home of Silicon Savannah.

The 2025 Festival in Kenya is expected to be the biggest yet to be seen by the data for development community considering how the Government has demonstrated the role of data in policy-making, efficient resource allocation, and effective public service delivery. Kenya Government has committed to streamlining visa processes for attendees and will also waive entrance fees to Kenya’s National Park and Nairobi City Council will host a reception to celebrate the festival and the incredible power of data.

“While Kenya will serve as the host country, the country commits to collaborate closely with other nations in the Partnership to ensure that the event becomes a global platform and forum, representing the unique realities of African countries within the context of the data revolution. On behalf of the Government of Kenya, I reiterate our sincere appreciation to Uruguay for their dedication in setting this remarkable precedent on how to host a data festival. We look forward to consulting with our Uruguayan counterparts, gaining valuable insights, and building upon their success going forward.” Mr. Muhati said.

In a rapidly evolving world in terms of AI and technology, Kenya has been leading in the way of data and technology for more equal and sustainable world. Definitely, there is more Kenya has to offer at the 2025 Festival as expected by the world in showcasing the power of data.


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