Mr. Benson K. Kimani

Mr. Benson K. Kimani

Director, Central Planning and Project Monitoring Directorate (CPPMD)

Benson Kimani is a Director of Planning in charge of the Central Planning and Project Monitoring Directorate (CPPMD) in the State Department for Planning, The National Treasury and Planning.

Mr. Kimani holds a Master of Arts degree in Economic Policy Management from Makerere University, Uganda and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics) from the University of Nairobi. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). In addition, he has attended various courses including the Strategic Leadership Development Programme (Kenya School of Government); Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Sector Projects and Programmes (University of East Anglia, Norwich); and Integrated and Sustainable Coastal Development (Gothenburg University, Sweden).

He has about 30 years’ experience working in various capacities at the Ministry/State Department including being a Chief Economist and Principal Economist as well as a project coordinator at both national and devolved levels.

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