Mr. James Maina

Mr. James Maina

Director, Macroeconomic Planning & International Economic Partnerships

James is the Director of Planning, MacroEconomic Planning and International Economic Partenrships Directorate in the State Department for Planning, The National Treasury and Planing. He is a career civil servant with over 20 years working experience in National Development Planning and International development.

He holds Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in Economics from University of Nairobi. James has also attended courses on strategic leadership management, Global WTO and negotiations, private sector driven regioanl development, performance Management,performance contracting with balanced score card, fiscal decentralization, managing market economies in a globalizing world and external resources management.

He has a wide experience in National Development Planning; Economic Policy Formulation and Implementation; Tracking Implementation of Development Programmes/projects, Budgeting and Budget Execution; Strategic Planning; Performance Contracting and Management; Negotiations for Multilateral and Bilateral Cooperation Frameworks; Management of South-South and Triangular Cooperation as well as Conference/Convention Coordination, Management and Logistics.

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