NCPD Celebrates 40 Years

NCPD Celebrates 40 Years

The National Council for Population Development (NCPD) marked the 40 Years Anniversary from 1982 to 2022.
The State Department for Economic Planning Principal Secretary, James Muhati echoed NCPD for serving the Country for Four Decades pointing out that NCPD still remains a very relevant Semi-Autonomous Government Agency (SAGA), whose key role in advising the government on population and development which contributes immensely to the Socio- Economic Agenda of the nation.

In a speech read on his behalf by Planning Director in charge of Macroeconomic and International Coordination Directorate, James Maina, the Principal Secretary scored that population is a major resource that the government requires to properly plan for and transform through providing adequate resources to attain the quality human capital desired.

While attending the celebrations to mark the NCPD 40th Anniversary of Population Policy and Management in Kenya in Nairobi on Friday 27/1/2023, Prof. Richard Muga who worked at NCPD as the Chief Executive Officer, after exiting the Ministry of Health sometimes back said that population management has walked a long journey in Kenya to be where it is today.

He said that a lot of population problems have since been resolved where infant mortality rate drastically reduced while complex statistical analysis show that the contraceptive uptake increased.

He added that there is still a lot of work which needs to be done to tap on the technological advancement which will help the country in tackling many population problems such as the various types of Cancers, Diagnostic Medicine, Maternal health, HID/AIDS, Sickle Cell conditions, Teenage Pregnancies, Mental Health and many others.

“Population Management must be based on research, data and evidence. Research must be multi-disciplinary that covers the 47 Counties. The current NCPD Management must endeavor to review the population policies, mobilize resources and coordinate the implementation programmes of population management in the devolved system of government to ensure that no one is left behind.” Said Prof. Muga.

On his part, the NCPD Director General, Dr. Sheikh Mohamed noted with appreciation that population issues have remained key priorities in the National Development Plans such as the Kenya Vision 2030 Blueprint Document.
Dr. Sheikh said that he has a lot of confidence that Population Management and Planning will be very critical in the implementation of the Kenya Kwanza Government Manifesto; “The Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda 2022-2027,’’ – which recognizes that people are Kenya’s important resource.

The 40th Anniversary Celebrations were also attended by UNFPA Country Representative, Anderson Thomas, Representatives from the Development Partners, Senior Government Officials and NCPD Former Employees among others.

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