Official Closing of the e-NIMES Training

Official Closing of the e-NIMES Training

As she officially closed the E-NIMES Training for MDAs this evening in Nakuru, Chief Economist Ms. Grace Kimitei has thanked the participants for taking time off their busy schedules to attend this important training.

She encouraged them to be the best teachers and E-NIMES champions in their MDAs, urging them to train others for support. She promised that SDEP will continue to make the system more user friendly and thanked them for their fruitful contributions and recommendations.

Chief Economist Grace Kimitei also urged the participants to utilize the system for reporting and tracking the implementation of government policies, projects and Programmes.

The trained officers will be expected to upload and track projects from their respective Ministries using the E-NIMES platform. The implementation of the Strategic Plans and Annual Work Plans will also be included for tracking.

The two tier Cohorts training was mainly attended by Economists, Policy Analysts Researchers, and ICT Officers drawn from various government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

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