Integrated Development Planning

Integrated Development Planning

Introductory notes

The National Government is constitutionally mandated to provide guidance on policies, norms and standards for developing various plans as well as capacity building and technical assistance to national government and counties. The guidelines outline the processes and procedures for the preparation and development of the various plans to ensure harmony and standardization in development planning.

Integrated Development Planning

Integrated Planning is a process through which efforts at national and devolved levels of government and other relevant public institutions are coordinated. The economic, social, environmental, legal and spatial aspects of development are brought together to produce a plan that meets the need and targets set for the benefit of communities. Integrated development involves participation by stakeholders who play key role in the planning process. The planning process at the county level involves:

County Planning Framework

County Planning Framework highlights the aspect of Integrated Development Planning. The Framework demonstrates the linkages of a county plan to other plans at county and national levels as well as international commitments and obligations. The framework also considers important factors such as the spatial planning for the projects identified. The framework has linked the projects planning and implementation with the budget allocation and no funds can be utilized outside of the planning framework. In project identification and implementation the various stakeholders are considered. The planning process at the county level considers integration of the various plans such as the five-year County Integrated Development Plans, ten-year County Sectoral Plans, County, Urban Areas and Cities plan, Spatial Plans, strategic plans etc. The County Integrated Development Plan guidelines are prepared and issued to counties by the State Department. They highlight the processes and procedures a county undertakes in planning.

County Sectoral Planning process

Sector Planning forms the basis of any project identification for implementation. State Department for Planning developed the County Sectoral Plan Guidelines that provides the process and Structure of Planning by County Sectors. The sectoral plans provide detailed information on issues of concern in designing and implementing projects.

Linkages between County Planning and Budgets

County Governments prepare County Sector Plans, CIDPs, and CADPs that show priority needs of the counties. Funding of the identified priorities is done through a Medium Term Expenditure Framework and no funds can be utilized outside of the planning framework.

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